Conservation of Energy

Don’t mistake activity with achievement

John Wooden

Energy is vital to human life. We recharge our batteries through two main activities: sleeping and eating. Sleep refreshes us mentally while food recharges us physically. Without an adequate amount of either, we end up unmotivated and too lethargic to do anything. Oddly enough, if we get too much of either, we also run into the same problems.

There’s clearly a balance that needs to be struck. Brahmacharya is the fourth of Patanjali’s Yamas. The original text talks about sexual restraint but it has been adapted for the modern era to mean conservation of energy. The amount of energy you have is different than the amount of time you have. Just to be clear – your reservoir of energy can vary from day to day.

You have a fantastic amount of control over this power. So, how should you use it? You can take a bath, or read a book. You can learn a new skill or refine your appearance. Maybe you’d rather connect with your family and friends. There’s an overwhelming number of options to spend your vitality on. But, what if you can’t decide what the wisest investment is?

Let’s draw inspiration from the world of finance. Spend your energy on things that will give you more energy and avoid those that won’t. Fraternize more with individuals who inspire you and reject energy vampires who criticize your life. Begin to make deliberate choices about each activity you engage in. Once you make this practice a routine part of your life, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your inexhaustible pool of energy.


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