I think for a lot of amateurs, their alignment is always out.

Karrie Webb

Alignment is a fundamental concept in our lives. It shows up everywhere. Whether it be the alignment of our car wheels, our media’s audio and video, or our thoughts and actions – when it is out of whack, we notice. We notice because there is a lack of balance and therefore need for additional effort.

Fortunately, when things become misaligned, it’s simple to correct. Back not feeling right? Call your chiro – a snap, crack, and a pop, and you’re freed from that blight. The light not striking your retina right? The optometrist will fix your vision and restore your sight.

But, what do you do if you don’t know something is misaligned?

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Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everybody is starting out 2021 with renewed vigor. This is the year that we collectively wish is going to be better than the last. We’ve expressed it in our hearts, minds, and social media. Not even a calamity could stop our January 1st inertia! But yet, why does our resolve only seem to strengthen annually? Can’t we start at any time?

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