The Next Chapter

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Goerge Bernard Shaw

I often wonder if I’ll ever find a group of people who have the same set of core beliefs, values, and thoughts that I do. My very own tribe. People that I can share all my thoughts with and in the end, be met with a smile, a nod, and a simple affirmation like “I understand.”

I also worry that if I’m lucky enough to find these unicorns, would they accept me as one of their own? Or would I have to pass some elaborate, tortuous hazing process first? Oh the anxiety!

I’m probably not alone in this endeavor. Maybe when you spend hours scrolling or posting on social media, you’re just looking for that spark. You’re looking for that connection and place in the universe that calls your name, and only yours. And it’s hard to find. This problem gets worse as we move towards a more liberated, diverse and uncensored world. All of a sudden, we realize that nobody is similar to us. Then we lambaste ourselves for wasting our precious time looking for this intimacy.

Frankly, it probably is a waste. I’m tired of searching. We should instead be deeply spending our time tempering and shaping ourselves into the someone we’d like to be. The someone we would be thrilled to meet and spend all our time with. If we can cultivate intimacy with ourselves and actively make our mark in this universe, we’re bound to attract the people we want to us.

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